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There is a movement underway. A wide network of dedicated 100-Day Challenge teams, led by GBVF ambassadors an local system leaders. All of them want to see change and real impact in communities across South Africa. Follow their journey. In this platform you can read more about the past stories, impact created and sustainability initiatives.

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2022 Harvested stories

In 2022, in partnership with the Ford Foundation, 7 End GBVF 100-Day Challenges were piloted under each pillar of the NSP.

2023 harvested stories

In 2023, over 80 team within the court, municipal and TVET college ecosystems took on 100-Day Challenges. Read more about the stories and impact that emerged.

GBVF Resources

Access to a toolbox of GBVF resources, including the NSP-GBVF, 100-Day media station, tutorials, and other useful documents.

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